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  • Paul Reinert, MSW, LICSW

Safe Supportive School Trauma Learning Series

Paul Reinert, MSW, LICSW

Trainer and Product Developer

The National Center for Safe Supportive Schools (NCS3) is pleased to announce launch of the new Safe Supportive Schools Trauma Learning Series, a free, online, asynchronous training program for school-based clinical trainees.  The series focuses on trauma-informed student support in K-12 schools.  It consists of two courses: the first, Foundations of Trauma-Informed School Mental Health and the second, Trauma-Informed School, Classroom, and Counseling Approaches.


The courses offer pre-service mental health providers practical knowledge about trauma’s impact on learning and social-emotional development. They also offer best practices to support students experiencing traumatic stress, as well as ways to help their teachers and caregivers support these students.   The series emphasizes cultural responsiveness, anti-racism, and equity.  In addition to the core content, there are prompts for learner self-reflection and strategizing as well as video interviews with educators, school administrators, school counselors, school-based clinical trainees, parents, and students who offer their own perspectives on these important issues.


The 9.5-hour learning series is divided into 27 short modules and is available as a certificate program for those completing all modules.  Alternatively, learners can choose to view only those modules that match an individual’s learning needs and interests. 


You can access the Safe Supportive Schools Trauma Learning Series through the NCS3 website. 


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