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Teacher and Student

School Mental Health Clinicians

The NCS3 offers annual training and implementation support in evidence-based Tier 2/3 interventions to support students experiencing post-traumatic stress and Culturally Responsive, Anti-Racist, and Equitable (CARE) School Mental Health.

Supporting Transition Resilience of Newcomer Groups (STRONG)
  • An evidence-informed, school-based intervention for newcomer youth (K-12th grades) to support their transition to a new school and community.

  • Intended for students experiencing psychological distress or difficulties functioning at home, school or in their community, often related to the adversities and trauma experienced during the transitions of migration and settlement.

  • Delivered by school mental health clinicians.

  • 10 group sessions.

  • One individual student session

  • Teacher and parent education sessions.

  • Elementary (K-5th grade) and Secondary (6th-12th grade) versions are available.

Bounce Back
  • An evidence-based adaptation of CBITS for elementary school students (K-5th).

  • Skills-based group intervention.

  • Developed to relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, and post-traumatic stress among young students exposed to stressful events.

  • Children learn a range of skills, including relaxation exercises, ways to challenge upsetting thoughts, and social problem-solving. 

  • 10 student group sessions.

  • 2-3 individual student sessions with some parent participation.

  • Offered through a partnership with the Center for Safe & Resilient Schools and Workplaces 

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS)
  • An evidence-based, 10-session group intervention.

  • For middle and high school students who are exhibiting symptoms of traumatic stress.

  • CBITS uses cognitive-behavioral techniques, such as psycho-education, relaxation, cognitive restructuring, exposure, and social problem-solving, and includes individual trauma narrative sessions with students.

  • Offered through a partnership with the Center for Safe & Resilient Schools and Workplaces

Culturally Responsive, Antiracist and Equitable (CARE) for Clinicians
  • This training is intended for School Mental Health Clinicians that are part of the S3 Collaborative trained in Tier 2/3 interventions. Topics included: 
    • Fostering Clinician Well-being
    • Understanding Inequities, Intersectionality & Resilience
    • Fostering Cultural Humility & Self-Awareness 
    • Engaging in Culturally Responsive Practices
    • Affirming BIPOC, Newcomer, and LGBTQIA+ Youth in School Mental Health Services and Supports
    • Honoring Cultural-Based Healing Practices
    • Promoting Equity through System Efforts
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