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Happy Summer from NCS3!

Tali Raviv, PhD

NCS3 Co-PI and Midwest Regional Site Co-Director

For many working in and around schools, summer represents a time when the pace slows a bit. The focus shifts away from the immediate and urgent priorities and established routines. More time with friends and family and time spent outdoors clears our heads and allows for fresh thinking. Our NCS3 team is no exception. We are taking time for hobbies, travel, and summer pastimes while also reflecting on the past year and planning for the launch of our new district cohort – taking the lessons learned from our previous cohort and improving upon our successes. We wish all our colleagues a happy, restful, safe summer. And for those of you who are wishing you could figure out how to continue to prioritize well-being once the school year starts, we are sharing a new resource! The Organizational Well-Being Inventory (OWBI) is now available on the SHAPE system! The OWBI assesses the quality of school organizational well-being across 8 domains and can help your school or district identify strengths and areas for improvement to enhance the well-being of school staff.


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