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  • Writer's pictureTali Raviv, PhD

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in Schools

Tali Raviv, PhD

NCS3 Co-PI and Midwest Regional Co-Director, Center for Childhood Resilience

Although Pride Month is over, the need to support LGBTQ+ youth in schools continues. LGBTQ+ youth face higher rates of bullying and other forms of victimization as compared to their non-LGBTQ+ peers. For example, nearly two-third of LGBTQ+ students who surveyed in 2017 reported feeling unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation (Kosciw et al., 2018). Findings from a large national survey conducted by the CDC showed that over 10% of LGB students reported not going to school at least one day in the month prior to the survey because of safety concerns.

Together, we can improve these conditions and create safe supportive schools for LGBTQ+ youth. For ideas on where to start, check out the resources provided by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network and the resources provided by the Mid-America Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network.


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